William Scott was the subject of a film short that premiered at the Atlantic Theatre Festival in 2005. The film was created by one of William’s great, great grand sons, Shawn Scott.  

The film begins with young William, at 14 years, joining the forces of the North in the American Civil War.   William took part in the Battle for Richmond, Richmond was the capital of the Southern confederacy.  When the cannon smoke cleared, 36, 000 men were either wounded or dead.  Years later,  William remembered: “Many thousands were killed and wounded that afternoon, and we were months burying the dead.”

Returning home from the war, William earned his Captain’s papers and proceeded to travel the world. He sailed around Cape Horn 25 times and around the world once.  He spent his retirement on Minasville shores entertaining grandchildren with tales from ocean voyages and the poetry of Robbie Burns.